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Babe Ruth Shadowbox

An expertly crafted and beautifully presented tribute to the legendary Babe Ruth.

  • This detailed shadowbox provides a fascinating look at this American icon and the era he defined.
  • Three powerful black-and-white images of this extraordinary sports figure hightlight this collectible. They blend seamlessly with a replica of Ruth's Hall of Fame plaque and photo of Yankee Stadium.
  • Also featured are replicas of an antique bat handle and baseball set as well as mementos of the day including: peanut shells, cream soda and birch beer caps.
  • All capturing a snapshot of American life in the 1920s and 1930s when everyone was a baseball fan and warmly embraced the "Sultan of Swat."

Shadowbox measures 11" x 13" x 3-1/2"

#DBM-BRSB  $250.00.


Thurman Munson Shadowbox

A remarkably detailed collectible capturing the legacy of the 1970s icon.

  • Central to the design of this fascinating exhibit are three photographs of Munson in action, blending seamlessly with a framed placard of his stats, accomplishments and memorabilia from his time in history: a Yankees Stadium 50th Anniversary patch, a 75th Anniversary New York City subway token and a replica of a memorial pin worn by players and fans after Munson's tragic death.
  • Comes ready to hang on a wall or display on a shelf.

#DBM-TMSB  $199.00.