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North Carolina Tar Heels - Dean E. Smith Center
  • Named after a coaching legend and home to the North Carolina Tar Heels®, the Dean E. Smith Center has born witness to an incomparable run of college basketball greatness and is known as one of the finest places in America to watch a college basketball game.
  • Officially licensed by the University of North Carolina®, this magnificent sculpture features extraordinary accuracy and fine detail.
  • Every aspect of the arena is faithfully reproduced, from the detailed court and famous blue seats to the championship banners and retired numbers that hang from the rafters of the removable roof.
  • Superbly crafted and carefully hand painted by skilled artisans, the sculpture comes mounted on a handsome display base.
  • Actual size approximately 9" long x 8 3/4" wide.
  • #DM-NCTDESC  $145.00.