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College Football "Personalized" Locker Room Jersey Photo

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All College Personalized Jersey Photos are $195.00 Each!

Ohio State Buckeyes "Personalized Jersey" Locker Room Photo
Ohio State Buckeyes Personalized Locker Room Photo
Personalized with YOUR name!
  • A magnificent framed photograph of the Ohio State locker room featuring your name on a Buckeyes jersey.
  • The photograph displays the jerseys of three Ohio State football players hanging in their lockers. You can personalize one of the jerseys with the name of your choice!
  • The lockers are decorated with footballs, cleats and, of course, Ohio State helmets.
  • As the perfect finishing touch, this fabulous photograph comes in a handsome frame. It comes ready to hang, no assembly required. 
  • Please enter your personalization on the order form.
  • Actual size is 16" wide x 13" high.